Duxberry Park Arts
IMPACT Elementary School
Dance Class
In dance class at Duxberry, all students learn skills and principles. They also apply critical thinking and problem-solving to create original dances. Social, historical, and cultural dance forms and ways to view and respond to dance are common units of study. Students are exposed to dance notation systems and innovations in dance technology through guest artists and field trips. Each year, students have opportunities to see live dance performances. Fourth and fifth grade students may participate in Dance Ensemble for additional challenges and performance opportunities. Because of the Arts IMPACT philosophy, students learn concepts from their general education classroom in dance class. By learning more about language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies in dance, students may learn in a manner that meets their learning style and in turn gain a more thorough understanding of those ideas.
Mrs. King-Cavin 
Dance Teacher at Duxberry Arts IMPACT 
Visual Art
In Duxberry's Art class, we... 
-Discover how to thik critically about what we see
-Explore art from various cultures, which helps children analyze, explain, and judge artistic images
-Produce art, which will allow for sharing of ideas with others
-Enjoy field trip opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom. 
Our students also participate in the largest online student art museum! Check us out on artsonia.com. 
Mrs. Davis 
Visual Art Teacher - Duxberry Arts IMPACT  
Drama Class

Drama at Duxberry is used to explore concepts in language arts, reading, social studies and science.  Some examples of this are using role drama, storytelling, writing in role, improvisation, script reading, playwriting, drama games, speech and movement to look at the point of view of different characters, setting, story structure and inference.  We may put the big bad wolf on trial, interview the wicked step sister in Cinderella , or we may examine the character motivation behind why the Wicked Queen is hateful in Snow White.   In the primary grades students may use creative drama to improve oral language communication, problem solving skills, settings of the story, explore how characters in stories or solve problems.  Using creative drama students explore science concepts, historical figures, nursery rhymes and fairytales, while learning the valuable skills of cooperation and imagination.  Drama students have opportunities for mini performances throughout their time at Duxberry.  They may participate in Drama Club and Theatre Sports as well as the fifth grade sharing, which is a sharing of student work with the school, parents and community.

Ms. Wetmore 
Drama Teacher - Duxberry Arts IMPACT  
Music Class
Following the national standards for Music Education, students in the Vocal Music classroom at Duxberry have the opportunity to create original music; perform music from around the world and following various themes studied in their classroom; and respond to music listening selections and performing groups. As with the other art classes, their classroom teacher joins them as a model-learner and co-teacher. Lessons are planned so that specific music skills and concepts are learned, but they are also linked to concepts the students are studying in class. For example, if a classroom is studying the main idea in literature with their classroom teacher, they might listen to a selection of music and determine the main idea of the composition or song.
Luke Smith 
Vocal Music Teacher - Duxberry Arts IMPACT 
Principal - Nicole Henry
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